Philly Bluegrass’ mission is to promote the creation, performance, and appreciation of bluegrass and roots music in Philadelphia and its surrounding regions.

Philly Bluegrass strives to spread a love for bluegrass music among both new and longstanding fans of the genre by promoting live performances by high-quality local, regional, and national performers. Philly Bluegrass also works to connect local musicians to jams, performance opportunities, and one another.

Philly Bluegrass is a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, which provides fiduciary oversight via its board of trustees.

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3-Minute Storyteller
Aimee Gonthier
Andrew Fullerton, Singer/Songwriter, Who? What? When? Why? & Werewolves
Annette Smith
Arthur Thomas
The Blue Wave Ramblers
Camille Pane
Jeff Bealer
Jeneane and William Johnson
Jim Hobson
John Hiltz
Justin and Jessica Kinner
Joe & Anne MacSorley
John S. Smith
Keith Wardrip
Lauren MacSorley
Mark L Rast
Mark Schultz
Matt Royles
Matt Thomas
Michelle Davidson
Rich Myers
River Bones Band
Scotty Lewis, Dobro, Romen Buffalo and the Loyal Order
Scott Rovner
Wolf Den Management

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