West Philly Porchfest 2017 [VIDEO]

The Porchfest concept was born in 2007 in Ithaca, New York as a DIY music festival held on the porches of that city. Porchfest has since spread to more than 60 other cities, and last year made what some might call its inevitable migration to the porches of West Philadelphia.porchfest_small

Now in its second year, West Philly Porchfest lucked into a spectacular day of sunshine that defied the Spring of Crummy Weather 2017, and seemed to bring out the revelry in the Vitamin D-starved citizens of West Philadelphia.

Bluegrass and old-time music make a perfect fit for porch pickin’ so it’s no surprise that this year’s event featured a bunch of string band performances and pickup jams. Here are a few photos and videos of the performances.

Ian and Liana have played with the Keystone Mountain Boys and many other bands. Here’s a clip of the duo playing on the 4600 block of Hazel Ave. The West Philly Porchfest site says, “they have created a pared down set, allowing room for the simple, stirring power of vocal harmony to take the lead.”


Old-time jam on the 4900 block of Walton Ave. There were performances from Cameron DeWhitt, Peter Oswald, Jordan Rast, Emma Rast, Monica de Vitry, and Tuck Ryan on this “stage.”

The Citywide Specials are “[t]he old time/bluegrass band you have (or have not) seen at Fiume on Thursdays plays in daylight, dancing allowed. Traditional harmonies over fiddle, dobro, mandolin, guitar, & bass fiddle,” says the festival website. Here’s a video of them playing at 4529 Osage Ave., also home to JJ Tiziou’s house concert series.


John, Tony, and Sam put together a pickup band on the 5000 block of Larchwood Ave.

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